Welcome to iTV Clock, the one-stop solution for turning your iTV Set into a high definition, functioning timepeice; when you're not using your iTV set for iTV entertainment, that is...

Use your F11 key to go fullscreen with your iTV clock selection, or use the convenient Full Screen Toggle button (top left corner). Your iTV set remote may also have a key dedicated to the "view mode" that can be set to things like Stretch, Zoom, Fullscreen and other view usage modes.

Click on the category UI hoops along the top to select image genres, and iTV clock UI hoops at the left to select different iTV Clock Motifs. We will be adding all new iTV Clock designs during 2017. This website will also work on PC, Tablet, SmartPhone, Laptop, Game Console, and e-Book Reader devices which feature HD (1920x1080) and UHD (3840x2160) display screens. UHD (4K or IMAX) displays will allow more room for buttons at the top of the screen and down the left side of the screen, allowing a wider selection of 3D, art or imagery for iTV Clocks.

If you like this iTV Clock website, make sure to check out iTV Set as well as iTV Art where you can turn your iTV Set into a virtual art gallery. This site was created by iTV Design Agency, using between 12 and 21 lines of HTML5 code per page, and using less than 256KB per iTV Clock (on average), an amazing feat for pristine, high-def content.